The Long Way Home

By Tim Gruber

The Long Way Home is my conversation with an old friend that I am only now starting to understand. I grew up in a tiny, Minnesota town with a population that teeters at 554. Many would recognize it as Garrison Keillor’s Lake Wobegon region. I recently moved back to Minnesota after being away for the majority of my adult life.

That time away has given me fresh eyes in which I see the state and has inspired me to start this project. I’m now retracing my footprints and photographing the people and places that are both foreign and familiar. Using my Hasselblad I slow down and absorb my state in ways I never have. What have I learned so far? Things are never as good or bad as your childhood imagination/memory would have you believe.

In the end this project is my reunion with a state that I left, but that never fully left me.


Green Giant


Psychic Reading

Best Friends

Blizzard Aftermath

Cold Feet

Waiting Area

America's Pastime

Alley Trophy


Deer Season

Christmas Tree

Little Somalia


Dream Home


Minnehaha Falls

First Aid

Little Farmer

Graduation Gift

Lighting Up


Boy Scouts

Sledding Hill