By Jenn Ackerman

Frozen is a collection of images that bring life to the stillness of winter.

The blanket of snow quiets the landscape, bringing with it a need to stare and settle into the images themselves and the people and places that are transformed by the tempered land. My choice in using a 4×5 forces me as the photographer to do the same.

The photographs in this series are intended to give life to the stillness of winter. While the photos reveal isolation, the focus is not on the withdrawn bleakness of winter but rather the solitude and reflection that the season welcomes. Winter and its white covering allows one to be still and more introspective. The dampened sounds and muted landscape have taught me to quiet my soul and listen a little more to its voice, one that often can’t scream louder than the joys of summer. My hope is that these portraits and landscapes allow the viewer to get lost in the stillness and isolation of winter.